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1 part glycerin to 2 parts very warm water. Use vase or bucket depending on quantity and size of flowers. Don't overcrowd.  Place in aerated and dim space is optimum for up to 2 weeks.  Blooms and foliage absorb best if cut just before prime. 

NOTE: Store in your pantry as household staple.  Hundreds of uses in the kitchen, bathroom, and even garage.  Ex. Sweeten your coffee, few drops in bread recipe, in icing to keep from hardening....extend life of ink pad, shave your, edible, moisturizing...ORGANIC...SAFE.

Shipping Included.

Glycerin Flower & Foliage Preservative - 32oz.

SKU: 860001283808
  • Angle cut fresh cut flower stems, and crush woody stems for best absorption. (Past prime plant material does not absorb well.)

    Stand stems in solution for approx. 2 wks in dry, dim lit, aerated room. 

    As moisture evaporates, glycerin is absorbed, leaving supple flower heads and deeper colors.

    To preserve leaves, fully submerse in flat tray for approx 2 weeks.  For best results experiment with variety of plant material and have fun doing it!  Past prime foliage will become supple when treated this way.

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