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For the Nature themed shower or party, for garden lovers, or simply stated....these bouquets are an ideal favor or token of appreciation. 

These mini 4"w x 6" long dried and preserved flower bouquets will last forever.  In a variety of natural colors, you can specify your desired choice combinations. 

     Flowers include German Status, Yarrow, Gomphrena, Little Bunny Grass Seed Heads, Strawflowers, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and other in season favorites. 

Each bouquet is bound in a recycled brown paper and tied with jute.  

Gifts that make you smile....

**Invididual color schemes upcharge $1. per bouquet option. 


Free Shipping.

Mini Dried Flower Bouquets

  • Natural Flowers and Reeds keep indefinitely when placed in a dry environment with indirect light. 

    Avoid Bright Direct Light and excessive humidity.

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