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Recycled military tent bags are a tribute to the sactrifices and contributions of military veterans.  Please know that this bag is made from authentic used military tents and NOT brand new canvas.  Each bag has differences in genuine imperfections, stains and colors.  Your bag will be as unique as each soldier's experience is when in the field seeking shelter in these tents.


Once acquired, the tents go through an extensive 3-part cleaning process.  However, the cleaning process does not and cannot remove the stains from mold, mildew and effects of rugged exposure to the elements endured by soldiers every day whether in training or combat.   Should you see visible stains, please know they are not ACTIVE mildew or mold, but rather just stains.


You may also notice an odor when you open your bag from the protective polybag packaging.  It is simply the result of a natural but unavoidable process that occurs when the tent canvas cannot breathe from being inside the air tight packaging.  Rest assured, it will fade after a few days in open air.


.....It is the veteran who salutes the flag, who serves under the flag and whose coffin will be draped by the flag so be sure and take every opportunity to thank them for their service.



Recycled Military Tent Crossbody Bag - Thankful & Grateful

SKU: JA-HB00013-AE
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