There is no end to the rustic charm of this Birdhouse Planter. It comes complete with a plastic liner and a block of Oasis floral foam, ready for water and your fresh cut garden winners. Green it up with foliage from Rhododendron, Boxwood, Blueberry, Cedar, Euonymus, ivy, or any other you might have. Add some in-season blooms, buds, or berries. Experiment and have fun with it. Any season comes to life in this naturally desirable planter.

     For DIY's, novices, and professional designers. Use it over and over.  Replace floral foam or use scrunched chicken wire repeatedly and easily.

NOTE: Extra blocks of floral foam available for purchase add on. $1.99 each if ordered with planter. ($2.49 regular price)

Rustic Birdhouse Planter

  • Inspect upon delivery.  If there is a problem and you are dissatisfied, we want to know.  Please call within 48 hours of receipt and we will handle your return and refund promptly.