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Tired of the bees boring 1/2 " holes in your deck or porch wood?

This Bee Catcher is a simple, yet effective solution.  Unbelievable!!

"Within 10 minutes of mounting it, I caught two bees and counting."  Box is 8" (12" with jar) x 4.5"wide x 4.5"deep.

     Instructions:  With the screw provided, mount this near where you see the damage.  Simply unscrew the jar and add about 1.5" of water and screw back on.  The bees go in the side holes then try to get out by going toward the light in the bottom.  The jar traps them.  When the jar fills up, simply unscrew and empty.  Repeat.  

Add Shipping Flat Rate $15., or Free Local Pick up.

Carpenter Bee Catcher

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