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     Abundant bundles of home grown and dried Lavender.  Grown in the gardens at La Ferme Rouge, pollinated by the local bees,  and hung to dry under the venue for maximum  fragrance and availability.

     Add to any living space for aromatherapy, visual interest, and even as insect repellent.  Whether displayed in a basket, bucket, vase, or just lying on a table, this Lavender is sure to please and change the VIBE for you and your loved ones.  


Ask about quantity discounts.


Dried Fragrant Lavender

  •  Keep your dried Lavender out of direct sun light for maximum color and beauty.  

           It is normal for the buds of dried lavender to fall off.  Abundant buds in each bundle enable a long life span of fragrance.  Buds that drop can be used in smaller vessels for additional aroma in other spaces such as drawers, bathrooms or pot pourri.

    The aroma can be reactivated with a gentle squeeze and can last for several years.

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