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Tired of killing your skin from washing time after time?

     This all organic liquid hand soap is an everyday treat for your whole body.   It cleans without harsh chemicals and keeps your skin supple and nourished.

    The ingredients are pure coconut oil and castile soap for cleansing and moisturising.  Kosher, pharmaceutical grade, vegetable glycerin holds moisture and protects your skin, almost like a protective layer.  Organic lemon oil gives this soap a fresh gender neutral fragrance.

It’s Simple.

It’s Cleansing.

It’s Gentle on skin. (PH balanced)

It’s All natural.

It’s Safe.  

    Try it and see for yourself!  

All Natural Liquid Hand Soap

SKU: 860001283815
  • Hi.  I’m Fran, of Fran’s Fair Garden.

          I designed this soap to give my working hands a lift...I no longer wanted the chemicals on the market masked as soaps, drying out and aging my hands.

    I always said “I love to garden.  I just don’t want my hands to show it.”  This soap helps keep my skin hydrated. My family uses it too and they love it!


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