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Trouble digging in rocky or dense clay soils?

     This shovel with award winning 2 patent design makes your toughest tasks up to 80% easier than regular shovels. The tougher the conditions, the more it makes a difference. Difficulty transplanting or separating highly rooted plants?

     Want to use LESS EFFORT to do what must be done? ***Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel has Steel Reinforced Fiberglass Handle, Cushioned D-Grip and Sharp Hardened Carbon Manganese Steel Blade with extra long shaft.  

     Product Specs: Fiberglass handle with poly D-Grip Ship wt 3.5 lb. - 10-3/4" blade - length 31" fiberglass handle - 41.5" long overall.

Product Features: Open-back blade.

Product Benefits: The open back blade is lightweight, easy to use.

***Add $20. Flat rate shipping Option or FREE LOCAL PICKUP.

Spear Head Spade

  • *Serious gardeners who appreciate a tool that really works to make their job easier

    *Landscaping personnel who need efficient, effective, and durable tools

    *Women, people with ailments, and seniors who need more digging power

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