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These Stainless Steel and Pradu Wood Shears are made by Thai Swordmakers and will tackle jobs inside and out.  

     Trim herbs and cut flowers in the garden, or tackle jobs in the kitchen when a knife just won't cut it.  

Verve Culture. 'Our vision is to explore the cultural richness of artisans and communities around the world - to educate and inspire, while honoring the traditions and heritage of their work.'

8 9/16"long x 2.25" wide.

Includes Shipping.

Kitchen & Garden Shears

  • As always, pruning and cutting tools should be cleaned thoroughly with 70-100% isopropyl alcohol.  Dip , wipe, or spray for immediate disinfectant.  This prevents the spread of bacteria and fungus.

    Hand sanitizer can be effective too.  Cover every part of shears for 20 seconds, then wipe off thoroughly with clean cloth.

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