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Welcome to Fran's Fair Garden

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If you are passionate, faithful, and genuinely care about improving and sustaining a healthy environment for our children, Fran’s Blog is for you...

My path has always been out of doors. Raised in a family with 13 siblings, mom busy with all of us and drove school bus. Dad was an excavator, great gram always in the garden with her bonnet on, and grand pap in his garden with pipe and huge pumpkins. We lived outside from dawn to dusk and there was always much to do. Chores taught multi-tasking. Lots of mouths to feed taught us farming and gardening. Snapping beans, cleaning corn, and picking dandelion greens for the salad was my childhood. We learned early to work hard for what we wanted. I wouldn’t change a thing about those days.

Fast forward to having a Penn State degree in Landscape Design and Nursery Management, Interior Design Certification, and over 28 years of trials and errors. Experience in the field kept my heart pumping with creativity. I couldn’t wait to sink my hands into my home soil.

I now manage our farm known as La Ferme Rouge, a destination wedding venue in Patton, PA. I have been blessed with 2’ of premium topsoil anywhere we dig, a landscaper’s heaven. The grounds are designed with backdrops for pictures and intimate ceremonies in mind. The inside of the 140 year old barn is Country French ambience with iron chandeliers and select antique décor.

I have two grown sons and two little granddaughters (pink petunias). Not exactly sure why, but God has truly blessed me.

I want to share what I have learned over the years; tidbits of knowledge that you can use in your everyday life. Some may be easy, some instructional, and some graphic for you to apply. Ideas and practices about gardening, landscape and maintenance, growing flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, and herbs. What groundcover to use and why. Names, botanical or common, of the plants you need or want. How fresh herbs can awaken your palate. Designing outdoor living spaces to entertain or relax or choosing your growing medium for your growing grasses.

My daily tasks involve all of the above and much more. My mission is to help make your tasks easier and a little brighter in the process.

I look forward to getting to know you and you me. Are you game?


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