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Happy New Year!


New Year Resolutions are a mere mindset in the garden of life. How do you achieve your goal? And why would you want to? A clue: I know for a fact that God planted seeds of greatness in ALL of us.

“Everyone is gifted - Some people never open their package.” Woflgang Rhiebe

Have you opened your package?

If you have,

Your dream has already uncovered the seed. You know that by watering, feeding, pruning, and weeding, no matter the storm, you will persevere by nurturing that seedling to harvest greatness. In that perserverance, you have found your happy place.

If you haven’t yet opened your package, it’s time.

Only you can open your heart and let the light in on that seed. Only your light will allow germination.

Your sweat of uncertainty will become the mist to stimulate new growth. Look for the signs of subtle roots and leaflets. Stay in tune to those blossoms opening ahead of you and behind you. Your care and attention to it will enable deep roots and strong vines along the path; a trail meant just for you.

Follow it. Your happy place awaits.

What are YOUR dreams?


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