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While your garden is sleeping.......

sketch by Hanna Carter

It is the perfect time to raise the bed.

Do you need more space to plant those vegies?

What look are you going for?

What would make it your dream garden?

Sunnydaze has a huge selection of affordable raised beds, both wood and galvanized steel. (I may get a small commission for advertising)

Here are some tips to get you started!

  • Start with an overview sketch of your space.

  • Try to keep it true to scale if possible.

  • Use a ruler or graph paper; 1/4 inch = 1', or 1/8" = 1' if your space is large.

  • You can get as creative as you like on paper.

  • Dream big.

  • In reality you can use that sketch as a long term plan for your dream garden.

  • * If you are on a budget you can add a new bed each year, or as your budget allows!


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