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Is Gardening For You?

A fall market outing with a friend today was much needed, and a reminder that time flies all too quickly. Is it really September?

We all get so 'dug in' to the daily tasks and routines that minutes turn into days and months before we know where it all went.

For gardeners, the remnants of proof around us are testament that the time was well spent.

Preserved fruit and vegies in the pantry and freezer are remnants. Hanging garlic and dried herbs in arms reach are remnants. Baskets of new potatoes are remnants. (Did you see the prices on these at the grocery stores?)

For me, a sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment comes from seeing this proof. But the most invaluable aspect of gardening is that it is naturally and spiritually therapeutic. Yes, gardening is therapeutic. Good for what ails you. There is no other therapy that heals as quickly or effectively as gardening. That is why for so many, it is their proclaimed happy place.

Seeing growth is rewarding at any rate.

Even if you haven't had an urge to sow a seed or harvest a tomato, I challenge you to grow something. Grow flowers. Grow houseplants. Grow berries or fruit trees or carrots. Just try growing something. And give it an honest try. Research what you want to grow, and grow it.

Watching the growth process and knowing you had a hand in it is both rewarding and addictive. A healthy addiction.

If you need purpose or meaning in your life, caring for and growing something you like is the quickest way to find it. Are you up for the challenge? What have you got to loose?


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