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Why Become a Gardener?

Cultivating friendships, sowing seeds, and enriching the earth are the obvious reasons to get growing. But the less obvious reasons grow deeper roots than most folks realize. To put it simply, gardening provides you with a generous source of self satisfaction, self reliance, inner peace, creativity, enrichment, passion, health, happiness, anticipation, motivation, accomplishment, contentment, energy, appreciation of life, appreciation of nature, respect, awareness, knowledge over time, abundance, food, organics, beauty, vibrance, jubilance, physical activity, income possibilities, direction, inner strength, outer strength, independence, generosity, and so much more. Start gardening and you won’t battle with depression or boredom any more. Your new battle will be with nature, which in turn leads to Passion, Patience, Faith, and Respect. Success in gardening comes with the revelation that it is God’s plan, not ours. Abundance indeed.


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