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Unique Garden Art For Your Unique Mother


Why not treat Mom this year to something other than a hanging basket? Perhaps a Stoneware Chickadee Bird Feeder or a Beehive Seed Feeder to hang and watch the birds. A Stoneware Nesting Jar would invite and keep her birds safe. Any of these are colorful and unique for an outdoor living environment.

Another idea is the Nutty Squirrel Metal Garden Sculpture. He's really cool and won't eat her bulbs. Or the Army Ant which is my favorite. This art is recycled, and that would appeal to her. The ant's body is actually an old helmet, and the mandibles are an old wrench. Its size is 15-17". My neighbor got one and she loves it.

If you start thinking about Mom now, you can shop for a variety of garden art or other decorative garden accents and choose what you might like to gift her with. You can even have it drop shipped directly to her in time for her special day.

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