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No Fail Pie Dough

For the absolute best flaky pie dough, this recipe is the last one you will ever need:

3 cups flour

1 cup crisco

1 tsp salt

8-10 TBS Cold water

Chop ingredients with fork until consistent...then finish with fingers to workable dough consistency.

For One Dish Dinner Pot Pie

Roll out ½ the dough onto counter to thin layer, large enough to fit in pie pan, and up over the sides. Lift and lay into large pie plate.

Large Pie

2 cups chopped raw potatoes (I keep skins on)

¼ cup chopped raw onion

1 Cup fresh/frozen carrot pennies

1 Cup fresh/frozen peas

1 TBS parsley,

Ground Pepper

Layer or mix above ingredients into a pie shell. It is ok to heap the center a bit. Pour chicken stock over and lay other half of rolled dough over the pie.

Cut away excess hanging dough from rim, all around the pie. Fold edges under themselves all around pie. Crimp with fork or pinch with fingers all around to seal.

Bake at 425’ for 15 minutes. Then 375’ for 50 minutes or until golden brown.

You can garnish top to your own liking. Pictured is simply sliced tomato with ground pepper.

Serve Warm. Reheats well next day.


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