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My Blog is a personal reflection of my experience and thoughts written and edited solely by me.  You can expect my complete honesty regarding any product or subject presented.  I will opt out of publishing any review if I cannot give a fair and honest opinion.


At times I may accept forms of compensation for my opinion, advertising, sponsorships, or review of products and services.  I will tell you up front in my posts when compensation is involved.

I will only endorse companies, products, or services that I have had direct use of or experienced personally.  Any and all product or service claims should be verified with the manufacturer or direct merchant.


Any questions regarding the above policies can be directed to me, Fran,

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Welcome, from Fran!
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 I am your friend and your neighbor; a small town girl blessed with a large family and big ideas. A horticulturalist, designer, and gardener whose wheels never stop in trying to help make lives better. 
Faith drives me.   
Simple pleasures secure me. 
Sharing what I know with you is what I do.....
Fran's Shop offers a variety of  'thumbs up' proven products to help you create and cultivate your own outdoor living space. The gardens at La Ferme Rouge, a wedding and all occasion venue,  are my canvas.  Workshops and products are all conducted, utilized, created, and enjoyed here.  Visitors welcome.
A Tip:  Don't ever stop growing!

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