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Take The Garden Steps

Spring has sprung and the bird chatter outside is as exciting as a carnival. So much to see and do out there. What is first on your spring list?

If you are like me, cutting down the grasses and old perennials will be first in order. I let them up over winter mainly as natural habitat for birds and beneficial bugs. Unfortunately, Rabbits are a thorn in my side, but they come with the territory. They are second on my to do list.....

Do you compost?

Next on my list is to use up the compost pile on whatever I feel needs it the most. Whether you are growing flowers or vegies, compost is your key to helping them thrive. It is my opinion that the store bought bagged fertilizers are ok, but nothing does the job like your own compost. You are not only fertilizing, but amending the quality of the soil at the same time. Last years pile of composted coffee grounds and filters, vegie cuttings, fruit peels, and toilet paper rolls...yes toilet paper rolls, is rotted and ready to top dress some beds that need a little boost this year. (Compost needs carbon to speed up the microorganisms in the composting process. Cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towels, add the carbon.

Interesting to Note: If you notice too many gnats around the compost pile, there is an imbalance... adding carbon will provide that balance and eliminate them. (brown products such as grass clippings, paper, cardboard, hay, straw, or sawdust).

So get out there and get ready for the show.

Cut down last years remnants. Rake the borders. Top dress with compost and/or mulch. Set the stage for your spring bulbs to make their appearance. An incredibly exciting new beginning after such a dreadful last year!

Why not add some new color?

Now is the time to shop for possible celebrities to dance in your freshened up beds.

Keep in mind, that spring bloomers (tulips, narcissus, hyacinth, crocus) are generally planted in the fall because they need a cooling period.

Summer color can be planted in the spring.

I for one, will not wait another minute to get outside and grow!


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