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Do You Care Enough To Add A Fountain To Your Life?

Is your work your life? Does it seem like the days are speeding by you and that sometimes it is hard to even catch your breath? Maybe you have the perfect sitting area, outside or in, but you don't make the time to sit? Is this you?

It is time to slow down...start enjoying your space....breathe. There is only one you, and caring for you is important.

Remember when you were a kid? When days were easy, uncomplicated, and just seemed to take care of themselves. Wouldn't you like to take your mind back to the simple life? It would be like a mini-vacation. A retreat. And you can do that right in your own home, or back yard. Here is how....

Simply. Let's appeal to your senses. You will need a comfortable seat, preferably a lounge chair so you can put your feet up. Take a load off....A chaise is nice and tends to call you in. Place it in an area where the surroundings appeal to you - with no distractions...Inside or out, it matters not. Next, place an indoor or outdoor fountain strategically, yet discretely in your space.(Tabletop, Wall, or Pedestal) The soothing sound of water trickling can instantly relax you. Whether in a nook or corner in a room, or an outdoor living garden or patio area, this creates your retreat.

Now for the hardest part - condition your mind to make this your 'go to' space. It may take 66 days to change your habit of non-stop, no care for me time. But you can do it.

Start a new daily routine, even if it is just for a few minutes. You will tend to linger there a little longer each time. Your retreat becomes your place for meditation. Your sanctuary. Your vacation spot.

It really is that simple.

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